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Friday, September 9




Morning Session 1

Specific Occultation Methods and New Techniques

Chair: R. Kursinski




GNSS Remote Sensing: Recent Results from GFZ (invited)

J. Wickert, N. Antonoglou, C. Arras, M. Asgarimehr, A. Brack, G. Dick, A. Kepkar, C. Männel, C. Nguyen, M. Ramatschi, T. Schmidt, H. Schuh, M. Semmling, M. Song, R. Thundathil, K. Wilgan, T. Xiao, and F. Zus – Abstract, Presentation


Geosynchronous Radio Occultation Processing with GOES

D. Hunt, S. Gleason, I. Cherniak, I. Zakharenkova, S. Sokolovskiy, D. Freesland, A. Krimchansky, J. McCorkel, and G. Ramsey – Abstract, Presentation


A Multi-center exercise on the sensitivity of PAZ GNSS Polarimetric RO for NWP modelling (invited)

E. Cardellach, R. Padullés, F.J. Turk, M. de la Torre Juárez, C.O. Ao, K.-N. Wang, M. I. Oyola, S. Hristova-Veleva, M. J. Murphy,  J. S. Haase, D. Hotta, and K. Lonitz – Abstract, Presentation


What does Artificial Intelligence tell us about the geophysical information content in GNSS polarimetric RO?

E. Cardellach, R. Padullés, I. Cobas, and D. Gallego – Abstract, Presentation


Balloon-borne GNSS Radio Occultation Sounding from Commercial Off-the-Shelf Receiver

F. Xie, K. J. Nelson, B. C. Chan, A. Goel, J. Kosh, T. G. R. Reid, C. R. Snyder, P. M. Tarantino – Abstract, Presentation




Coffee Break






Morning Session 2

Future Missions

Chair: J. Wickert




Radio Occultation in NOAA's Next-Generation Environmental Observation Architecture (invited)

R. Ullman Abstract, Presentation


Preliminary Results of FY-3E GNOS II Mission: GNSS RO and GNSS-R (remote)

C. Liu, Y. Sun, W. Bai, F. Huang, G. Tan, G. Yang, X. Hu, M Liao, Q. Du, X. Wang, X. Meng, J. Xia, C. Yin, P. Hu, and Y. Liu – Abstract, Presentation


GRAS-2 RO mission

J. Christensen, A. Carlström, J. Rasch, and T. Liljegren – Abstract, Presentation


Simulation-Retrieval Demonstration of Gravity Wave Tomography by Radio Occultation

S. Leroy, J. Hegarty, S. Leidner, and R. Fitzgerald – Abstract, Presentation


Constellation Design Enabling Augmented and Persistent Radio Occultation with Ultra-Low Latency

C. Barsoum, W. Xia-Serafino, and W. Gullotta – Abstract, Presentation


Technology Roadmap for Future GNSS Radio Occultation and Reflectometry

T. Burger Abstract, Presentation




Lunch Break (and poster mounting time)






Afternoon Session 1

Occultations in NWP 2 – Tropical Cyclones and more

Chair: H. Shao




Impact of Radio Occultation Data on the Prediction of Tropical Cyclogenesis (invited)

Y.-H. Kuo, and H.-F. Teng – Abstract, Presentation


Optimizing the RO Data Assimilation Approach for the Prediction of Tropical Cyclogenesis with the JEDI/FV3 Global NWP System

H. Zhang, B. Kuo, H. Shao, and J.-P. Weiss – Abstract, Presentation


Can COSMIC-2 bending angle data assimilation improve HWRF tropical cyclone forecasts? A preliminary evaluation using six cases from the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season

W. Miller, Y. Chen, S.-P. Ho, and X. Shao – Abstract, Presentation


Impact of GNSS radio occultation data on the prediction of convective systems associated with a Mei-Yu front

Y.-H. Kuo, J. Sun, Y. Zhang, Y. Ho, and J-S. Hong – Abstract, Presentation




Coffee Break






Afternoon Session 2


Chair: A. von Engeln




IROWG: Report from CGMS-50 and Open Actions

T. Mannucci, U. Foelsche, S. Healy, and H. ShaoPresentation 1, Presentation 2


Proposed new BUFR Format

N. Bowler – Presentation


RO Modeling Experiments (ROMX)

B. Ruston Presentation


Formation of Subgroups and Subgroup discussions





Poster Session

Chair: F. Ladstädter




KMA’s Study on Development of GNSS-RO Receiver for Meteorological Measurement

J. Kim, S. Chung, and D. Kim – Abstract



Quality control measures in EUMETSAT's RO processing

C. Marquardt, Y. Andres, L. Butenko, A. von Engeln, F. Martin-Alemany, R. Notarpietro, S. Padovan, S. Paolella, F. Sancho, V. Nguyen, and V. Irisov – Abstract



Mitigation of TACAN/DME Interferences for L5/E5 Space-Borne GNSS Receivers in LEO with Focus on Radio-Occultation Missions

C. Dulery, L. Lestarquit, R. Prevost, and M. Iervolino – Abstract, Poster



Empirical look-up tables for polarimetric phase delay to precipitation likelihood using ROHP-PAZ Polarimetric Radio Occultation and SSMIS/GMI Microwave-based estimates of water paths.

M. de la Torre Juárez, K.-N. Wang, F. J. Turk, R. Padullés, C. O. Ao, and E. Cardellach – Abstract



COSMIC-2 Ionospheric Product Latency Improvements and Impacts

W. Gullotta, C. Barsoum, and W. Xia-Serafino – Abstract



RO studies with the NeQuick ionospheric electron density model

B. NavaAbstract



Sporadic-E morphology from 13 years of COSMIC-1

B. Bergsson, and S. SyndergaardAbstract, Poster


Observations of Ionospheric Disturbances - From Space Weather Events to Tonga Volcano Eruptions

C. Lin, S.-P. Chen, P. K. Rajesh, C. Y. Lin, and C. Y. Huang – Abstract


PlanetiQ GNSS RO Measurements of the Ionosphere

R. Kursinski, J. Brandmeyer, R. Gooch, A. Botnick, M. Leidner, C, Oliveir, S. Leroy, and C. Alcala – Abstract


Real time on board processing of ionosphere signals by TGRS on COSMIC-2

T. Meehan, J. Tien, P. Straus, and J. Braun – Abstract


Localizing Ionospheric Irregularities in GNSS Radio Occultation Signals with Back Propagation Method: Assessment

V. Ludwig-Barbosa, J. Rasch, A. Carlström, J. Christensen, T. Sievert, V. T. Vu, and M. I. Pettersson – Abstract


Effects of background water vapor information on the 1D-Var retrieval of Radio Occultation wet profiles of CDAAC/UCAR and WEGC, during Atmospheric River events

B. Rahimi and U. Foelsche – Abstract


Combining GNSS-RO and microwave sounder in joint retrieval of atmospheric temperature and water vapor structures

K.-N. Wang, C. O. Ao, M. G. Morris, G. A. Hajj, F. J. Turk, and A. W. Moore – Abstract


Detection of the diurnal Variation of the Planetary Boundary Layer Height over Oceans using COSMIC-2 Data

X. Zhou and S.-P. Ho – Abstract, Poster


Comparison of COSMIC temperature profiles with MIPAS instrument and EMAC model

A. Laeng, MIPAS team, and EMAC team – Abstract


GNSS Radio Occultation Data in the AWS Cloud: AWS Architecture

A. McVey, S. Leroy, S. Leidner, and J. Martin – Abstract


Implementation of the Super-Refraction Correction for GNSS RO Data at the STAR

S. Kireev, Y. Chen, S.-P. Ho, and Y. He – Abstract, Poster


Real-time and retrospective monitoring and evaluation of bending angle with JEDI

B. Ruston, H. Shao, F. Vandenberghe, F. Diniz, H. Zhang, and L. Hayden – Abstract


Initial experiments with vertical smoothing of GNSS-RO bending angles

N. Bowler, C. Marquardt, and K. Lonitz – Abstract


GNSS Radio Occultation interpolated by Machine Learning and Bayesian Interpolation

E. Shehaj, S. Leroy, K. Cahoy, A. Geiger, L. Crocetti, G. Moeller, B. Soja, and M. Rothacher – Abstract


Validation of Spire Radio Occultation Retrievals with SNPP ATMS Microwave and Radiosonde Measurements

X. Shao, S.-P. Ho, Y. Chen, X. Zhou, and B. Zhang – Abstract, Poster


IROWG-8 Virtual Meeting Hosted by NOAA

A. Gonzalez, R. Ullman, J. Clegg, S.-P. Ho, K. Eaves, S. Yaary, K. Samuel, and J.-P. Weiss – Abstract


FORMOSAT-7/COSMIC-2 Space Weather Data Products

J. J. Braun, N. Pedatella, I. Zakharenkova, Q. Wu, I. Cherniak, T. Van Hove, H. Huelsing, R. Heelis, M.-Y. Chou, P. Straus, E. Yizengaw, B. Valant-Weiss, L. Gelinas, C. Carrano, K. Groves, W. McNeill – Abstract


Friday Adjourn




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