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Monday, September 12




Morning Session 1

Methodology 2 – Processing

(Chair: J. P. Weiss)




Impact of the GNSS clock rate on Radio Occultation bending angles

S. Padovan, Y. Andres, S. Paolella, A. Von Engeln, R. Notarpietro, L. Butenko, F. M. Alemany, F. Sancho, and C. Marquardt – Abstract, Presentation


Precise Orbit Determination of Low Earth Orbiting Satellites for Climate Applications Including Uncertainty Estimation

J. Innerkofler, C. Pock, G. Kirchengast, M. Schwärz, A. Jäggi, Y. Andres, and C. Marquardt – Abstract, Presentation


On the impact of signal cutoff and smoothing on systematic and random uncertainty in RO retrievals

C. Marquardt, Y. Andres, L. Butenko, A. von Engeln, F. Martin-Alemany, R. Notarpietro, S. Padovan, S. Paolella, and F. Sancho – Abstract, Presentation


L1-L2 bending angle fitting and L2 extrapolation in the troposphere

S. Paolella, A. Von Engeln, S. Padovan, R. Notarpietro, Y. Andres, F. Martin Alemany, L. Butenko, C. Marquardt, and F. Sancho – Abstract, Presentation


Radial asymmetry correction assessment by end-to-end simulations and analysis of RO data

V. Proschek, M. Schwärz, J. Innerkofler, S. Syndergaard, and G. KirchengastAbstract, Presentation


Development of excess phase processing algorithm for multi-RO missions and data quality improvements at STAR

B. Zhang, S.-P. Ho, J. Dong. Y. Chen, X. Shao, and X. Zhou – Abstract, Presentation


A one-dimensional variational ionospheric retrieval for truncated GNSS Radio Occultation measurements

S. Healy, I. Culverwell, and S. Elvidge – Abstract, Presentation




Coffee Break







Morning Session 2

Atmospheric Physics and Climate 1 – Hunga Tonga and more

Chair: S. Leroy




Stratospheric water vapor from the Hunga Tonga volcanic eruption deduced from COSMIC-2 GNSS-RO observations (invited)

W. Randel, B. Johnston, J. Braun, and S. Sokolovskiy – Abstract, Presentation


Investigating the atmospheric response to the January 2022 Hunga Tonga eruption through GNSS radio occultations

P. Vergados, C. O. Ao, and A. J. Mannucci – Abstract, Presentation


Wildfire and volcanic signals in the stratosphere observed by radio occultation measurements

M. Stocker, F. Ladstädter, and A. K. Steiner – Abstract, Presentation


Signs of climate variability in double tropopause global distribution from two decades of radio occultation data (remote)

A. de la Torre, P. Alexander, T. Schmidt, P. Llamedo, R. Hierro, A. K. Steiner, and F. Ladstädter – Abstract, Presentation


Analysis of UTLS dynamics using GNSS radio occultations: the connection between blocking and sudden stratospheric warming events

K. Yessimbet, A. Osso, F. Ladstädter, and A. K. Steiner – Abstract




Lunch Break






Afternoon Session 1

Occultations in Ionosphere and Planetary Science

Chair: T. Mannucci




COSMIC-2 Capabilities for Monitoring Ionospheric Scintillation (invited)

P. Straus, C. Carrano, K. Groves, W. McNeil, S. Sokolovskiy, I. Zakherenkova, Q. Wu, J. Braun, and E. Yizengaw – Abstract, Presentation


Assessment of GRAS ionospheric measurements from Metop-A end-of-life testing campaign

M. Hoque, L. Yuan, F. S. Prol, M. Hernandez Pajares, R. Notarpietro, A. Von Engeln, and C. Marquardt – Abstract, Presentation



Radio Occultation ionospheric products from GRAS on board Metop EPS satellites: overview and validation

R. Notarpietro, C. Marquardt, S. Paolella, S. Padovan, Y. Andres, A. Von Engeln, L. Butenko, F. M. Alemany, F. Sancho, M. Hoque, and M. Hernandez Pajares – Abstract, Presentation


GNSS-RO for the D- and E-Region Electron Density (remote)

D. L. Wu, D. J. Emmons, and N. Swarnalingam – Abstract, Presentation


Use of COSMIC-2 Slant TEC to Validate IRI Estimates of F-layer and Topside Electron Density

P. Puhl-Quinn, S. M. Leidner, J. V. Eccles, M. David and K. Shurkin – Abstract, Presentation


NOAA’s First Commercial Space Weather Data Pilot

M. McHugh, P. Weir, and G. Peltzer – Abstract, Presentation


Radio Holographic Methods for the Inversion of Radio Occultation Measurements from Past and Current Venus Missions

T. Bocanegra-Bahamon, C. O. Ao, K.-N. Wang, and P. Vergados – Abstract, Presentation




Coffee Break






Afternoon Session 2

Occultations in NWP 3 – Processing-Assimilation-Forecasting Advances

Chair: V. Nguyen




Status update of GNSS-RO data assimilation efforts at NOAA (invited)

L. Cucurull, D. Kleist, H. Liu, J. Guerra, X. Li, and B. Johnston – Abstract, Presentation


Status of GNSS-RO in global data assimilation at DWD

H. Anlauf Abstract, Presentation


Recent developments on the assimilation of GNSS-RO bending angles in the Météo-France 4D-Var system

D. RaspaudAbstract, Presentation


A Forecast Sensitivity to Observation Impact of traditional and commercial occultation data with Environment. Canada's forecast system

J. M. Aparicio and D. Lobon – Abstract


Impact on ECMWF forecast by assimilating Spire bending angles

K. Lonitz, S. Healy, and C. Marquardt – Abstract, Presentation


Status of near-real-time processing of GNSS radio occultations from the Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich satellite

C. Galley and C. Ao – Abstract, Presentation


Monday Scientific Sessions Adjourn






Wine Tour


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