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Tuesday, September 13




Morning Session 1

Occultation Methodology 3 – Errors and Solutions

Chair: S. Syndergaard


Errors in RO observations: what causes them and how can we estimate them? (invited)

R. Anthes, J. Sjoberg, S. Syndergaard, and X. Feng – Abstract, Presentation


Generalized Three Cornered Hat applied to three independent refractivity data sets

J. K. Nielsen, H. Gleisner, K. B. Lauritsen, and S. Syndergaard – Abstract, Presentation


Residual ionospheric errors in radio occultation data and latest news on two correction techniques (remote)

J. Danzer, C. Liu, and G. Kirchengast – Abstract


ROM SAF radio occultation activities and future developments (invited)

K. B. LauritsenAbstract, Presentation




Coffee Break






Morning Session 2

Radio Occultation Data for Climate Monitoring

Chair: R. Anthes


STAR GNSS RO Processing, Validation, and Monitoring System: Validation of the Spire Data Products and their Applications for Numerical Weather Prediction and Climate Studies

S.-P. Ho, X. Zhou, Y. Chen, W. Miller, and B. Zhang – Abstract, Presentation


Sentinel-6A Non-Time-Critical Radio Occultation Products by EUMETSAT

A. von Engeln, S. Paolella, S. Padovan, R. Notarpietro, Y. Andres, F. Martin Alemany, L. Butenko, C. Marquardt, and F. Sancho – Abstract, Presentation


GNSS radio occultation excess phase processing for climate applications including uncertainty estimation

J. Innerkofler, G. Kirchengast, M. Schwärz, C. Marquardt, Y. Andres, and C. Liu – Abstract, Presentation


OPAC 2022 Radio occultation processing at the Wegener Center: Validation and uncertainty evaluation of rOPS long-term data records

M. Schwärz, V Proschek, J. Innerkofler, A. Leuprecht, E. Wappis, and G. Kirchengast – Abstract, Presentation


Assessment of the Consistency and Stability of CrIS Infrared Observations Using COSMIC-2 Radio Occultation Data Over Ocean

Y. Chen, C. Cao, X. Shao, and S. Ho – Abstract, Presentation


GNSS Radio Occultation in the AWS Cloud: Background

S. Leroy, A. McVey, S. Leidner, J. Martin, H. Zhang, D. Hunt, S. Sokolovoskiy, C. Ao, K.-N. Wang, M. Oyola-Merced, H. Gleisner, S. Syndergaard, and K. Lauritsen – Abstract, Presentation




Lunch Break






Afternoon Session 1

Occultations in NWP 4 – Understanding Errors and Validation Studies

Chair: L. Cucurull




Characterizing the radio occultation bending angle uncertainty in the lower troposphere using end-to-end simulations

K. N. Wang, C. O. Ao, S.-P. Ho, L. Cucurull – Abstract, Presentation


Assimilating Radio Occultation Profiles with Vertical Error Correlations

K. Bathmann and D. Zupanski – Abstract, Presentation


Estimates of GNSS-RO bending angle covariance information

N. Semane and S. HealyAbstract, Presentation


Using ensemble spread as a measure of GNSS-RO impact: real and simulated data

K. Lonitz and S. Healy – Abstract, Presentation


GRACE-FO radio occultation data processing – a validation study

T. Schmidt, P. Schreiner, J. Wickert, B. A. Iijima, C. O. Ao, J. Tien, and T. Meehan – Abstract, Presentation


A Study of Quality Control and Observation Error Models for RO Data Assimilation

H. Shao, H. Zhang, L. Hayden, J. Sjoberg, B. Ruston, R. Anthes, J.-P. Weiss, and B. Kuo – Abstract, Presentation


First results from two-dimensional bending angle operator for airborne radio occultations

P. Hordyniec, J. S. Haase, B. Cao, M. J. Murphy, and S. Healy – Abstract, Presentation




Coffee Break






Afternoon Session 2

Atmospheric Physics and Climate 2 – Dynamics and Variability

Chair: C. Marquardt




Planetary Boundary Layer Profiling from COSMIC-2, Sentinel-6, and Spire GNSS Radio Occultation (invited) 

C. O. Ao, P. Vergados, and K.-N. Wang – Abstract, Presentation


The ROHP-PAZ Polarimetric Radio Occultation research dataset and its applications

R. Padullés, E. Cardellach, S. Oliveras, C. O. Ao, F. J. Turk, K.-N. Wang, M. Oyola, M. de la Torre Juárez, J. P. Weiss, D. Hunt, and S. Sokolovskiy – Abstract, Presentation


Validation of monthly wind fields derived from GPS radio occultation data

I. Nimac, J. Danzer, and G. Kirchengast – Abstract


Madden-Julian Oscillation observed in COSMIC-2 radio occultation data

Z. ZengAbstract


The Relationship between Stratospheric Gravity Wave Potential Energy and Tropospheric Parameters over South America inferred from COSMIC-2 and METOP Radio Occultation Measurements

T. T. Ayorinde, C. M. Wrasse, H. Takahashi, C. A. O. B. Figueiredo, D. Barros, S. O. Lomotey, P. Essien, and A. Vestena Bilibio – Abstract


Absolute momentum fluxes in the stratosphere with GNSS radio occultation data

T. Schmidt, A. de la Torre, and P. Alexander – Abstract, Presentation


Tuesday Scientific Sessions Adjourn







Cloud computing and RO data in the AWS Open Data Registry Side-workshop (S. Leroy)

GNSS RO has arrived in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Open Data Registry for free download.
This workshop will introduce the world of AWS cloud computing at the level of an IROWG participant.
The only prerequisites are a laptop computer with ssh installed. Some experience in scientific programming in Python would help.
>> More info


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