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General information

This year the workshop location will be Seggau Castle (Schloss Seggau) in Leibnitz (distance from Graz 35 km).

Schloss Seggau promises a unique location that encourages an inspirational and energetic atmosphere where innovators and innovation feel at home“ and „as a place of contrasts Schloss Seggau bridges modern architecture with a mediaeval setting providing the necessary ambience to provoke innovative discourses and discussions“.

Infrastructure & Facilities: The meeting rooms' infrastructure meets all professional requirements, slide projectors, presentation laptop-PCs, and high-end video beamer equipment.
WiFi internet access is available everywhere in the building. Permanent staff allocated to the area ensures proper maintenance of all facilities and support to participants during the entire workshop.

Catering: For the coffee-breaks you will find different types of fruit-juices, cakes and other little snacks made by local farmers, besides coffee and tea. For lunch and dinner excellent food and service in the diningrooms of Seggau Castle will ensure a relaxing time-out. The kitchen serves a diverse mix of regional and international dishes with focus on organic products. Of course, your food is served with a selection of wines grown in the vineyards of Seggau Castle.

The Workshop is hosted by Wegener Center for Climate and Global Change, University of Graz. If you need help to find you way or have organizational questions regarding your travel just contact us:

Zechner, Lena, M.A.


Phone:+43 316 380 - 8429

OPAC Chairs
U. Foelsche, A.K. Steiner, G. Kirchengast (WEGC & IGAM Uni Graz, AT)

IROWG Co-Chairs
S. Healy (ECMWF, UK), H. Shao (NOAA and UCAR, USA)

IROWG-CGMS Rapporteur
A.J. Mannucci (JPL Pasadena, USA)


Lena Zechner

Wegener Center for Climate and Global Change
Phone:+43 316 380 - 8429

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